Every year 1000 young adults aged under 15 are admitted to hospital each year with acute alcohol poisoning. Large amounts of alcohol drunk quickly
on just ONE occasion can KILL.



  So, how much is too much? This is very hard to tell - it depends; your height, weight, genes, environment and other factors . However, if an average person
drank one and a half 75cl (full size) bottles of spirits, or equivalent, it would be enough to kill them. If you are small or female you could die on half of that amount. Huge amounts of alcohol depress your brain - and that effects your breathing, heart and body temperature - your body basically winds down until something stops - i.e. your heart

  A person may collapse
  They may be difficult to rouse
  Their skin may be cold and clammy
  Their breathing will be slow and noisy
  The pupils of the eyes may be wide
  They may vomit
  They may wet themselves (or Worse!)

  Eat before and during drinking (A kit-kat doesn't count!)
  Don't down your drinks in one - sip slowly
  Have soft drinks in between alcoholic drinks.
  Avoid buying 'rounds' - drink at your own pace
  Watch out for drinks you haven't had before and be aware of 'home' measures.
  Drink for taste rather than effect.
  Don't take part in drinking games.

  Call 999 for an ambulance
  Check that their mouth is clear so that they can breath.
  Turn them on their side.
  Keep them warm and watch them until the ambulance arrive
  Leave them alone.
  Give them black coffee or anything else to drink.
  Try to walk them about.

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