It can be hard to admit that we think one of our family may have a drink problem. What does it look like? Why does it happen? Am I overreacting?
These are normal questions we ask ourselves and hopefully this page will help with any questions you may have.


  A problem drinker keeps on drinking even when it hurts health, job, mind and family. Most people with a drink problem are responsible people - married or living with a partner, with jobs and families - not the 'skid row' types
  But most of all ... Problem drinking can hurt families. So, how can I tell if someone has got a drinking problem? Often, it's hard. The problem often develops slowly.


  FREQUENT USE of alcohol to cope with everyday stress - more and more drinking...larger amounts.
  FEARS ANXIETY More often and more of them. Poor self image, negative emotions.
  IGNORING or avoiding responsibilities - family, job, school, finances. Lack of interest in non-drinking activities.
  ARGUMENTS over drinking and drunk behavior. Accusations and denials about drinking habits.
  PROMISES to "drink less", "switch types of drink", that they'll "Behave better" and requests for others to "Stop nagging" at them.
  BLACKOUTS at first rare but then more often. The drinker can't remember what happened during a drinking period.
    It can very distressing for family members who, try as they might to get the drinker to stop drinking, find they're unable to stop it and feel helpless and alone in such a situation.
You may not want or need counselling but just want to talk to someone about what you're going through, please feel free to contact us or arrange to pop in for a chat over a cup of coffee.

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