The Alcohol Advisory Service recognises the importance of anonymity in an island community where stigma and embarrassment may prevent
individuals coming forward for help, which is why our service is CONFIDENTIAL.


    Family, friends and colleagues are often the first to notice that someone they care about is experiencing difficulty with their drinking. They often need help to understand and come to terms with someone else's drinking. We can help with advice, information and counseling services.

    A continuing high quality service using well trained and experienced staff.
    Confidentiality is guaranteed. You will not be asked your surname or where you live.


    An appointment within 48 Hours.
    An e-mail response within 48 hours.

  Understand your drinking and how it affects you.
  Look at your drinking over a period of time
  Loot at other areas of your life and see how they relate to your dinking.
  Think about, plan and carry out any changes you might need to make
  Feel more in control of your life.
  Learn more about alcohol.

If you are concerned about someone else's drinking,
Although you may not be able to stop someone drinking, you can improve
on the way you cope with it by talking it over with an
experienced counsellor.

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